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A Guide to Unlocking more Consistency and Lasting Results

A Guide to Unlocking more Consistency and Lasting Results

Embarking on a journey towards wellness should be simple and fit within your life. It should not complicate your life or add extra stress to everyday.  

Perfectionism is the Enemy

  • Striving for perfection is unrealistic and counterproductive.
  • Embrace the concept that "done = perfect." Release the grip of perfectionism to ensure consistent progress and achievable goals.

How to Plan Effectively:

  • Goal-setting requires a plan, but having balance is crucial. Plan but allow flexibility.
  • If the journey to your goals isn't enjoyable, reaching them becomes unlikely.
  • Focus on the process, as 99% of the journey lies within it. Avoid unrealistic expectations, prioritize your energy, and remember that life is meant to be lived. 
You Are More Than 24 Hours:
  • Combat the Negativity Bias by consciously recognizing and replacing negative thoughts with “what can I do today” not “what I did not do yesterday”
  • Keep a daily journal, have a long-term view and celebrate the small or big wins. 
Food for Thought, Literally:
  • Understand the impact of nutrition, stress and sleep and on health, training, happiness and productivity.
  • Balance is key, as too few or too much of anyone things can affect, energy levels, immunity, health, progress and mood.
  • Know how fuel, hydration and recovery choices can influence productivity. Enjoy the process, gain knowledge, and optimize your routines without overthinking.


Embarking on a fitness and wellness journey demands commitment and effort.
Incorporate and make changes gradually to make the journey manageable, consistent and achievable. Not every run, bike or gym session has to be at maximum intensity all the time. 
Prioritize the process, viewing the achievement of goals as a bonus.
Consistency is the key to success, so allow flexibility, prioritize wisely, and conserve energy and fuel what truly matters.

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