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Free shipping over 600 kr / €55

Jan's Neversecond Test Pack!

Neversecond is the essence of sports science excellence, established by Dr. Asker Jeukendrup to elevate the performance of both elite and everyday endurance athletes.

By leveraging the latest independent, peer-reviewed research in sports fuel and hydration, Neversecond provides clean, effective, and race-proven endurance fuel.

This comprehensive range is crafted to be customizable, palatable, stomach-friendly, and seamlessly integrates into a holistic fuel and hydration strategy. Trust Neversecond to fuel your journey to the podium.

Discover the Ultimate in Sports Nutrition with the Jan Test Pack

Enhance your performance with the Jan Test Pack from Neversecond, your introduction to our elite range of energy and hydration formulas. This test pack is your ticket to exploring a variety of flavors and formulations, helping you identify the perfect combination to complement your training regime.

Contents of the Jan Test Pack:

  • Hydration & Energy Drink Mixes:
    • 2x C90 Drink Mix sachets in Citrus and Orange (90g of carbohydrates each)
    • 4x C30 Drink Mix sachets in Citrus and Forest Berry (30g of carbohydrates each)
  • Energy Gels:
    • 5x C30 non-caffeine Energy Gels in Citrus, Orange, Passion Fruit, Berry, and Fruit Punch
    • 2x C30+ Caffeine Energy Gels in Cola and Berry
  • Solid Fuels:
    • 2x C30 Energy Bars in Berry and Chocolate

Features of the Neversecond Products:

  • C30 Energy Gel: Delivers a rapid 30 grams of energy per gel from a 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose blend, designed for easy consumption and optimal hydration with 200mg of sodium, featuring a mild flavor that is gentle on the stomach.
  • C90 High Carbohydrate Drink Mix: Provides a substantial 90 grams of energy with a mild flavor profile to minimize gastrointestinal distress, enhanced with 200mg of sodium for efficient hydration.
  • Neversecond Water Bottle: A 500ml robust clear bottle adorned with the Neversecond logo and a four-color pattern, ideal for all Neversecond drink mixes.

All Neversecond products are rigorously anti-doping tested to ensure you compete with confidence.