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Veloforte Desto Energy and Caffein Gel

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Flavour: Tart Cherry with caffeine

Desto is your go-to fuel for natural precision performance.

Packed with the punch of tart cherry, this small yet mighty energy booster is designed for high-paced fuelling when every second counts with 75mg of smooth natural caffeine from Guarana. 

Why we love it!

  • 100% Natural Award-Winning Recipe: Velvet Rush is crafted with precision from an award-winning recipe, a testament to its pure and exquisite blend of nature's finest ingredients.

  • 33g Pocket-Friendly Serve: Elevate your energy on the go! With a convenient 33g pocket-sized serving, Velvet Rush is designed to be big on energy while remaining small in size.

  • 22g Fast Release Energy with Pure Electrolytes and Caffeine: Unleash a surge of energy with 22g of fast-release power, enriched with pure electrolytes and a natural caffeine kick, ensuring both vitality and focus.

  • Plant-Based Syrup Blend - No Synthetic Sugars: Revel in the elegance of a plant-based syrup blend, free from synthetic sugars, providing a clean and sophisticated energy source.

  • 75mg Natural Caffeine: Experience the perfect pick-me-up with 75mg of natural caffeine, carefully sourced to enhance your alertness and energy levels without the crash.

  • Blended with Care in the UK: Crafted with care in the UK, Velvet Rush embodies the commitment to quality, ensuring every sip is a taste of nature's best.

  • Gluten-Free, Vegan: Embrace guilt-free indulgence! Velvet Rush is gluten-free and vegan, catering to diverse dietary preferences without compromising on taste.

  • No Sulphites, Additives, Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners, Colourings or Flavourings: Free from any nasties! Velvet Rush upholds purity, ensuring your energy boost is untainted and wholesome.

  • Informed Sport Accredited: Trust in performance excellence. Our product is Informed-Sport Accredited, affirming its suitability for athletes.

The Detail

How to use

Product Specific

  • Ideal for any sport. Use before and during exercise to keep carbohydrates and electrolytes topped up.
    • Use gels every 20-30 minutes during longer endurance exercise
    • Fuel for your intensity - aim to take on 45-60g of carbohydrates per hour for moderate efforts and build to 60-90g for maximum efforts
    • Use Veloforte gels alone or mix and dilute with 1 gel per 250ml water for a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that maintains endurance performance.
    • Not suitable for children, pregnant or breast feeding women.


  • For training and racing over 90 minutes, fuel within 25 minutes of starting.
  • High-performance fueling is personal, however on average aim to fuel between 50-90g of carbohydrate an hour (every 20 minutes) for moderate to intense sessions lasting over 60 minutes.
  • Drink to thirst to stay hydrated.
  • Performance nutrition is holistic; consider all aspects of your nutrition plan when formulating and testing your fueling strategies.
  • Should not be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Environmental and sustainability

  • In 2020 Veloforte was recognised by Runners World as a top 50 Eco Hero.
  • All paper and cardboard packaging is recyclable.
  • Veloforte is testing and developing recyclable bar wrapping material.

Allergen detail



Unrefined Brown Rice Syrup, Fruit Juice Concentrates (Cherry [24%], Lemon), Water, Maple Syrup, Guarana Extract, Himalayan Salt  

Contains 75mg of caffeine per single serving. Do not exceed 5 per day. 

 Not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Ingredienser och allergener

Oraffinerad brunrissirap, fruktjuicekoncentrat (körsbär [24%)], citron), vatten, lönnsirap, guaranaextrakt, himalayasalt

Innehåller 75mg koffein per portion. Överstig inte 5 per dag.

 Ej lämplig för barn, gravida eller ammande kvinnor.


Inhaltsstoffe und Allergene

Unraffinierter brauner Reissirup, Fruchtsaftkonzentrate (Kirsche [24 %], Zitrone), Wasser, Ahornsirup, Guarana-Extrakt, Himalaya-Salz

Enthält 75 mg Koffein pro Portion. 5 pro Tag nicht überschreiten.

Nicht für Kinder, schwangere oder stillende Frauen geeignet.


Uraffineret brun rissirup, frugtjuicekoncentrater (kirsebær [24%)], citron), vand, ahornsirup, guaranaekstrakt, himalayasalt 

Indeholder 75mg koffein pr. enkelt portion. Må ikke overstige 5 om dagen.

Ikke egnet til børn, gravide eller ammende kvinder.

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