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Free shipping over 600 kr / €55

Hanna Johansson's Gravel bike fuel pack

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"Coming from road racing, I am used to getting fed multiple times during a race and also from the car pretty much whenever I want – AND having to accept whatever I can get, depending on what the team has.

Racing gravel is different; to be competitive, you must carry all nutrition from the start or have your own support “staff”. Typically, a family member or a friend you convinced to help.

I target 84g of carbohydrates per hour with support at feed zones.

Without support at feed zones, I target 74g of carbohydrates because I must carry everything".

Hanna Johansson

Elite Swedish gravel + road racer and a founder of the WMNGRVL team. 

1 x 750ml Neversecond bottle

2 x Neversecond C90 drink mix sachets

2 x Neversecond C30 drink mix sachets

4 x Neversecond C30 energy gels 

1 x Neversecond C30+ Cola caffeine gel

1 x Veloforte Doppio caffeine gel