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Jan Stratmann Test Pack

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The Jan Stratmann Neversecond test pack is your gateway to elite fuel and hydration used by the pros.  

Founded by Dr Asker Jeukendrup and proven in competition by winning the Tour de France, UTMB, Unbound and IM Texas, Florida and Kalmar. 

Designed for elite and everyday athletes, this bundle showcases Neverseconds scientifically formulated and acclaimed energy gels, drink mixes, and fast-absorbing C30 fuel bars—each crafted to meet your unique performance needs. 

Neversecond fuels champions like Jan Stratmann, ensuring you receive nothing but the best in sports nutrition.

Contents of the Test Pack:

Hydration & Energy Drink Mixes:

  • 2 C90 Drink Mix Sachets: Citrus, Orange (90g of carbohydrates each)
  • 4 C30 Drink Mix Sachets: Citrus, Forest Berry (30g of carbohydrates each)

Energy Gels:

  • 5 C30 non-caffeine Energy Gels: Citrus, Orange, Passion Fruit, Berry, and Fruit Punch
  • 2 C30+ Caffeine Energy Gels: Cola, Berry

Solid Fuels:

  • 2 C30 Energy Bars: Berry, Chocolate

Product Features:

  • C30 Energy Gel: A 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose blend delivering 30 grams of fast-absorbing energy per gel, designed for easy consumption and optimal hydration with 200mg of sodium, featuring a mild flavour that is gentle on the stomach.

  • C90 Drink Mix: Provides a substantial 90 grams of energy with a mild flavour profile to minimize gastrointestinal distress, enhanced with 200mg of sodium for efficient hydration.

  • Neversecond Water Bottle: A robust 500ml clear bottle ideal for all Neversecond drink mixes.

  • Clean: All Neversecond products are anti-doping tested 

The Detail

Jan Test Pack Details

C90 Drink Mix

  • Flavours: Citrus, Orange
  • Serving Size: Each sachet serves 90g of carbohydrates
  • Use: Mix one sachet with 500ml of water in the Neversecond bottle. Ideal for sustained energy during high-intensity training and competitions.


C30 Drink Mix

  • Flavours: Citrus, Forest Berry
  • Serving Size: Each sachet serves 30g of carbohydrates
  • Use: Mix one sachet with 500ml of water in the Neversecond bottle and consume 30 minutes before or during your workout for effective hydration and energy.


C30 Non-caffeine Energy Gels

  • Flavors: Citrus, Orange, Passion Fruit, Berry, Fruit Punch
  • Serving Size: 60ml per gel sachet
  • Use: Can be consumed with or without water. Perfect before or during long training sessions to maintain energy levels.


C30+ Caffeine Energy Gels

  • Flavors: Cola, Berry
  • Serving Size: 60ml per gel sachet
  • Use: Use for an extra energy boost during intense sessions. Consume a maximum of one caffeine gel per hour, alternating with non-caffeine gels to prevent caffeine overuse.


C30 Energy Bars

  • Flavors: Berry, Chocolate
  • Serving Size: One bar as needed
  • Use: Great for pre-fuel or during prolonged activities. Easy to consume and digest.

How to Use

General Guidelines:

  • High-performance fueling is personal. Aim for 50-90g of carbohydrates per hour during moderate to intense sessions lasting over 60 minutes.
  • For endurance training or competitions lasting over 90 minutes, start fueling with carbohydrates within the first 25 minutes.
  • Drink to thirst to ensure proper hydration.
  • Incorporate these products into a holistic performance nutrition plan.
  • Sports nutrition should supplement, not replace, a healthy and varied diet. Avoid excessive use of caffeine supplements and keep products out of reach of children.


Product Specific:

  • All gels and drink mixes can be used with or without water.
  • Best consumed every 20-25 minutes during long and intense sessions.
  • Storage and Safety



  • English: Store all products in a cool, dry place.
  • Svensk: Förvara alla produkter på en sval och torr plats.
  • Deutsch: Lagern Sie alle Produkte an einem kühlen, trockenen Ort.
  • Dansk: Opbevar alle produkter på et køligt og tørt sted.


Allergen Information

  • Products are made in facilities that process milk, soy, eggs, and coconut. Avoid if you have hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
  • Produkterna tillverkas i anläggningar som hanterar mjölk, soja, ägg och kokos. Undvik om du är överkänslig mot något av ingredienserna.
  • Produkte werden in Anlagen hergestellt, die Milch, Soja, Eier und Kokosnuss verarbeiten. Vermeiden Sie die Verwendung, wenn Sie gegen einen der Inhaltsstoffe überempfindlich sind.
  • Produkterne fremstilles på faciliteter, der behandler mælk, soja, æg og kokosnød. Undgå hvis du har overfølsomhed over for nogen af ingredienserne.


Environmental Commitment 

Sustainability: Neversecond is committed to reducing single-use plastic and manufactures products locally to minimize the carbon transport footprint.